The time requirements in a 1031 exchange are very specific. From closing on the sale of the relinquished (sale) property, a taxpayer must:

  • Properly identify potential replacement properties within 45 calendar days (the”Identification Period”)


  • Close on the replacement properties within 180 calendar days of the relinquished property sale – OR – the due date (including extensions) for the taxpayer’s tax return for the taxable year in which the relinquished property was transferred, whichever is earlier (the “Exchange Period”)

Without taking into consideration a taxpayer’s potential tax filing date restriction and based upon the closing date submitted, the 45-day Identification Period and 180-day Exchange Period deadlines are shown below:

Enter the date the relinquished property (sale) was closed:



45-Day Identification Period ends at midnight of:

180-Day Exchange Period ends on: